30 Something Tips For A Faster Body Transformation [Part 1]

While Optimus Prime makes transforming easy, us humans aren’t quite as good at it.

It takes hard work, consistency, accountability and strategy.

It’s not impossible for anyone, and you can make some serious progress very fast if you can get your healthy habits firing on a daily basis.

So here’s a list of strategies that can help you transform as fast as Optimus Prime riding into battle on a transforming T-Rex (his name is Grimlock if you don’t know).

[If you want to skip the list and jump straight to a strategy call with a coach, where you can discuss your health and fitness challenges and make a plan for your individual goals and needs – Click HERE Now].


1 Strength Training

If you only have time for a little exercise each week, strength training is the one you should do.

It delivers a strength benefit, increases metabolism to burn more fat even at rest, improves your posture, improves your cardio fitness without cardio, makes you feel more confident, improves muscle tone and allows you to take lids of tight jars.

2 Make Tasty Meals

If you can cook tasty, healthy meals, you won’t be as tempted to eat out and you’ll look forward to meal times. Get some good recipes and practice cooking. I highly recommend practicing with herbs and spices so you can make magic meals with few ingredients and little effort.

3 Share Your Fitness or Physique Goals With Your Friends

If you make your goals public, you’re more likely to stick to them. So tell everyone! Then make sure you get to work on a consistent basis.

4 Get a Training Partner

If you’re sharing goals with friends, why not recruit one to help you get there? You can stay accountable to each other and push the other when one has had a rubbish day at work and just wants a beer or glass of wine.

5 Visualize & Use a Dream Board or Image

If you can see what you want to look like on a daily basis, or even multiple times each day, you’re more likely to stay motivated to the pursuit of your goal. So find an image of someone you admire and look at it daily, whether on your bedroom door, bathroom mirror or your phone’s home screen.

6 Massage or Soft Tissue Work

This stuff will keep you out of pain and feeling good, so do the work. If you can’t afford a massage each week, do it yourself with self myofascial release which includes foam rolling, massage balls and sticks, etc.

7 Mobility & Flexibility

You are tight, so you must stretch. Stretch once you finish working out. Stretch if you are tight in a particular spot at any time of day. Stretch your quads and hip flexors if you sit much of the day. Stretch your neck if your posture sucks.

If you hate stretching, follow a mobility sequence or do a yoga class. I did an animal flow workshop last Wednesday which was a great mobility session including both stretching and strengthening and I wouldn’t have done that stuff by myself.

8 Sports, Fun & Play

Fitness is about fun, so use your body for fun. Play a sport, do an activity on the water, go for a hike, throw a ball with your dog, chase after your kids or go skateboarding dressed in a T-Rex costume.

9 Be Consistent

Doing something once is OK, but it doesn’t count in the long run. Do it every day until you don’t have to think about it.

Set up a morning routine. Set up an evening routine. Set up a schedule and routine for your training. Choose a regular shopping day or two. Have a meal prep day where you cook for the week.

10 Breathing Practice

Most of us hold our breath when in deep concentration. This is not good for anything, so stop and take a few deep breaths every 15-30 minutes if you can. Set an alarm on your phone if you have to.

I also like doing a regular breathing practice for 5-10 minutes once or twice a day. The free app ‘Calm’ has several breathing exercises you can follow along with on there. Give it a try and see how your concentration and energy improve.

11 Eat Your Protein

You gotta get your protein in if you want a lean body. It doesn’t matter if you’re a meat eater or vegan, you still need your protein at each meal. So eat your meat or fish or eggs or tofu or tempeh or protein powder and do it every meal.

12 Drink Enough Water

So many people are chronically dehydrated and don’t know it. Or they know it and don’t do anything about it. I like to front load the majority of my water before lunch time so I don’t have to think about it so much later in the day.

An easy way to drink enough is to start the day with several drink bottles and set targets of when to finish them by.

13 Cut Out Sugar

Seriously it’s rubbish, and addictive and makes you crave more sugar. By cutting it out for a short time, it’ll help reset your taste buds and reduce your cravings.

For some people it’s crazy hard and for others it’s an easier transition, but the payoff is well worth it. Nasties in your gut feed off sugar and they can multiply and leave you feeling bad, so starve them and you’ll look and feel better.

14 Limit Junk Food to Once Per Week

Just like cutting out sugar, limiting junk food has major benefits. I now look forward to ‘No Junk January’ each year as it gives me a reset on my nutrition and I feel fantastic. It’s surprising, even to me, how much fat is in the junk food we eat.

I’ve spent some time looking at fat quantities in chips and chocolate and ice cream and it’s ridiculous. No wonder fat loss is so hard when we eat this stuff!

15 Get a Coach

A good coach can motivate you, push you, encourage, console you, challenge you, empathize with you, change something for you, make adjustments to a plan, look at your progress objectively and all sorts of other fun stuff.

Most of all, a good coach will want your goals for you as much or more than you do.

I’ve worked with countless coaches and mentors who have helped me transform from the shyest kid in my school to someone who is happy talking to strangers, from barely able to get out of bed to a social butterfly, from a kid dreaming of dunking a basketball to a dunking machine and from someone with a broken body that couldn’t run or jump without pulling a muscle to a limber athlete who can play almost any sport or activity.

Coaching works.

If you think you may want a coach to help you reach your goals, Click HERE Now and we’ll discuss your situation, your goals and your dreams and we’ll discuss how we can help you reach them.

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