How To Transform Your Body in 6 Weeks


Do you know what you are going to be eating over the next 6 weeks?
Is it going to be the same as you’re already doing or are you going to clean up your eating?

For the basics in cleaning up your eating you should follow the 10 Fat Loss Food Rules.

  1. Weight-Loss-Serving-Sizes-Berardi-Anytime-Plate-STake a multivitamin and fish oil each day.
  2. Eat a ton of vegetables and no more than 2 serves of fruit.
  3. Eat starchy carbs (bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, etc) after your workout and only on Bootcamp or heavy strength training days and only 3 days a week (some people may need a little each day).
  4. Eat every 2-4 hours.
  5. Make sure you eat protein at each meal or snack.
  6. Don’t drink your calories.
  7. Plan your meals and prepare them in advance.
  8. Eat real foods not processed or packaged stuff.
  9. Eat a wide variety of foods and try new foods.
  10. Plan to cheat on your strict eating 10% of the time.

If you want more info on the 10 Food Rules click this blue text.

If you want me to look at what you are eating and give you some feedback, fill in a day’s worth of eating and bring it into me to go through with you.

If you don’t write it down you’re not fully aware of what you are putting into your body!

For those of you who have mastered the food rules and need a meal plan, ask me for one or you can choose one from the article I wrote last week called ‘Easy Diets & Meal Plans for Fat Loss.’

If you are hardcore committed you can try the ‘Drop a Dress or Pant Size in 21 Days’ meal plan which I can give to you at our Scarborough Bootcamp. This one requires you supplement your regular eating with protein shakes and you will need 2kg of protein powder to get through the 21 days. Like I said hardcore, but very effective.


When you finish the 21 days, you then go back to a more conventional fat loss diet for the next 3 weeks. I’ll have my preferred whey protein powder in stock before we start so if you’re interested let me know.

If you don’t tolerate dairy, there is a pea protein available which is ok when mixed with berries and coconut milk. It’s not great when you mix it with water though.


Have you thought about when you’re gonna train and exactly what you are going to do? You should.

how-to-transform-your-body-in-6-weeks-Training-CalendarHere’s a Training Calendar you can download for the 6 weeks: Training Calendar (right click on the blue stuff or image and choose ‘save as’). Stick it on your fridge.

Now that you’ve printed it out, fill in what days and times you’re gonna do your Bootcamp workouts. If you’re not doing Bootcamp you should still be doing some form of metabolic strength training and should look at my Home Bootcamp Workouts program. Or just come along to Bootcamp.

If you still have extra time to train you should be doing some interval training on your off days. 2 – 3 a week should do, but if you’re really fit you could do more. Interval training can be done by running, walking, riding a bike, rowing, skipping, boxing, bodyweight circuits and all sorts of courts sports that are ‘stop, start.’

The basic premise of interval training is go hard for a while, then rest for a while. Intensity is everything.

Make sure you write down what time you are going to do your interval training and stick to it. If you know you won’t then get a workout buddy to join you and keep each other accountable. If you’re tired one day, do a 10 minute session instead of a longer one.

Even as little as 10 minutes a day will always be of more benefit than you would imagine.

Let’s talk running for example cos you don’t need any equipment or venue, just shoes.
And let’s assume you’ve warmed up first so you reduce the risk of injury.

Interval Running Programs

  • how-to-transform-your-body-in-6-weeks-darren-glass-sprintsGo to the park.
  • Run 10m.
  • Turn around and walk back to the start.
  • Once you have your breath back repeat another 9 times.
  • Then double the distance for 5 times.
  • Then double the distance again for another 5 times.


  • Run to the end of you driveway.
  • Turn around and walk back.
  • Immediately run again and repeat for a total of 20 times.


  • Run around the block as fast as you can without getting hit by a car.
  • Rest until you have your breath back to normal.
  • Repeat for a total of 4 times or as many as you can do.


  • Go to Jacobs Ladder or the stairs in Scarborough or somewhere with a steep incline. (more ideas here)
  • Do 10 hill sprints either running or walking as fast as possible.
  • Take as much rest between rounds as you need.
  • Don’t stop until they are done.

Warning: If you have super tight calves or they cramp up while you are doing hill sprints, either stop or rest. They will Likely need some soft tissue massage with the foam roller or a tennis ball or at least some serious stretching.

If you still have extra time to train in your week…

…I’m jealous of you. But if you do, fast walking for 30-60 minutes before breakfast each day would benefit greatly.

how-to-transform-your-body-in-6-weeks-power-walkIf you can’t walk before breakfast, do it before another meal as it helps you absorb some of the carbohydrate when you eat and will help burn fat faster. You must walk fast and if there’s hill nearby walk through them.

Don’t jog. Jogging leads to too many injuries and if you are already doing plenty of interval training your joints would like a rest.

Imagine doing 1000 lunges with really bad form and how your knees will feel afterwards. That’s kinda what its like with for people and if you don’t feel it right away, it won’t take long before you do.

Alternatively you could ride a bike or swim go on the rowing machine but at a moderate intensity.

Rest & Recovery

Almost all of us work too hard whether it be at your job, fitness training, at your home or even relationships. These things all take away energy from us so we have to take some R’n’R to let our body rest and recover.

If you don’t take the time out for yourself you will not be able to train as hard and you won’t have the mind space or time to eat properly.

So schedule yourself one day off from exercise each week. Maybe this day you could go and get a massage or go for a quiet walk in the park or laze about at the beach. Just keep it easy and don’t plan so many things to keep you rushing around all day.

Another thing you can do on your rest day is use the foam roller or spend some more time stretching. This is something you would benefit from most days but it’s hard to find the time.

Once again you must plan it in your training schedule and stick to it.

So that’s your 3 main areas covered. Address them and you’ve got a good shot at winning the competition or even just winning the body you want.

If you need more help just let me know and I’ll see what I can help you with.


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