7 Common Mistakes of Dieters – Eat Less to Lose Weight!

If You’re Not Losing Weight,
Then Eat Less Until You Start Losing Weight Again.

Sounds blatantly simple right? But if it were that easy we’d all look like super models.

Now eating less doesn’t mean eating less food. It means eating less calories overall.

I dont know how many kilos of veggies it would take to equal one pizza, but the veggies would be the better option and I doubt you could eat it all!

It is possible to lose fat eating junk food, as long as you don’t eat too much, although you run the risk of getting sick in the long run. I don’t advise it.

Just the same, you can overeat on health foods and gain weight. I’ve met plenty of vegetarians who are overweight because they are eating too much (and because their protein/fat/carb ratio is out).

Common Mistakes I See Regularly.

1. You are consuming too much alcohol.

If you really want to drop fat fast you should cut it out altogether, but this is not a viable option for many people. If that is the case you should be trying to just make one night per week that you have a few drinks, without being excessive. Drink more water instead.

2. You are still having liquid calories.

You shouldn’t be consuming any liquid calories while you’re trying to drop fat.

Some people will say that diet drinks are ok, but according to ‘The Dark Side Of Fat Loss’ ‘when [diet drinks are] consumed as free-form amino acids, they enter the brain where they may cause excessive firing of the neurons as well as potential cell death’.

It goes on to say that ‘two separate industry-funded studies showed that the consumption of diet soda does not assist with weight loss.’ You are better off having less of a full sugar drink, but even that’s not ideal.

3. You are consuming too many carbs.

The food pyramid is wrong. You don’t need large amounts of grains in a day to be healthy and it wont help you lose weight. It will make it harder! You need more veggies.

Often when people cut their carbs back, they dont replace them. So the complaint here is that they are hungry, but that can be remedied by increasing the amount of protein and vegetables you consume.

Wanna feel full? Eat a whole bag of broccoli.

A 500g bag of broccoli contains about 20grams of carbs and so much fibre that you wont be close to finishing it. Its way too filling.



4. You are eating too much fat.

Full fat dairy should be replaced by low fat dairy every time or dairy can be completely eliminated. This limits your food choices but will not affect your calcium levels. Calcium comes from green leafy vegetables too.

Nuts and avocado are great sources of fat, but it is easy to eat too much of them. Strength Coach & transformation expert Jason Ferruggia recommends no more than 10 almonds per serving.

As for avocado…if you’re small, a quarter of a small one should be plenty. If you’re medium sized, a quarter of a medium one should be plenty, etc.

5. You are eating too much fruit.

A lot of people will argue the ‘too much fruit’ fact but it’s so easy to eat a ton of fruit in summer. And fruit contains sugar in the form of fructose. It is still sugar!

Sometimes I will hear of someone eating a dozen dried apricots. It’s still a dozen apricots and still has the sugar!

The best fruits for fat loss are apples, pears and berries as they are more fibrous. 2 fruits a day should be your max during a fat loss phase. Focus on more veggies instead.

6. Too many cheat meals.

Remember to eat right 90% of the time and don’t feel guilty about eating whatever you like 10% of the time. But only 10% of the time. Too many cheat meals will stop fat loss dead in its tracks.

7. You’re not eating enough vegetables.

I was guilty of this before but think I’ve got it sorted now. I know that when I eat my veggies I have so much more energy and feel better, plus it stops you from eating so much other stuff.

Organic is best if you can find/afford it. You also get fibre and vitamins and minerals, all essential to normal bodily function.

Aim to eat a range of different colours throughout the day/week/month and try some new foods occasionally. You might like it.

It’s Normal To Feel Hungry Sometimes!

If you are dieting and desperately want to drop some fat, then get used to feeling hungry occasionally. It’s a good thing. It means you’re burning fat!

If you are hungry straight after you eat, chances are you’re not getting enough protein or fat into your diet, as they both help you feel fuller, longer. Or you didn’t fill up on veggies.

If you can’t sleep cos you’re hungry when you go to bed, eat dinner later. This is what I’ve started doing. It took a while, but now I’m used to feeling slightly hungry before I go to bed, so it doesn’t bother me.

Otherwise you could have a protein rich snack before you go to sleep. A low fat yogurt or protein shake before bed might help you sleep better too!


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