Top 10 Exercises For Fat Loss

If you want to lose fat fast you have got to train with high-intensity. You want to use the best exercises which will elevate your metabolism for hours afterwards.

Because of the high-intensity of the exercises, you can’t just keep doing the same exercises non-stop or you will likely throw up or pass out. That’s why we do them in intervals with rest or lower intensity exercises between them.

Make sure you do a quality warm-up before atempting these exercises because you should never do a high intensity exercise without a warm-up.

1. Burpees

No one likes burpees. But they are intense and fantastic for overall strength and fat loss. Plus you don’t need any equipment to do them, just a slightly twisted personality that likes pain…or results.

Make it harder by throwing in a pushup at the bottom, holding a medicine ball or wearing a weight vest.

2. Kettlebell Swings

Once you have the technique sorted, this exercise is amazing for getting your glutes and hamstrings working hard, not to mention your back, arms, abs and everything in between. One kettlebell is all you need to get started or you can use a dumbbell if you have any around the house.

Pick a heavy enough weight and if you go too long your body will ‘give up’ and your grip will fail dropping the kettlebell through the floor or TV if you’re swinging it in the wrong place.

3. Squat Press

Grab a dumbbell, barbell, medicine ball or kettlebell and hold it at your chest, then squat down and stand up while pressing the weight overhead. Simple yet brutally effective.

Doing plenty of these and gradually increasing the weight will make you strong and burn fat at the same time. Just be sure to keep tight glutes, abs and shoulder blades at the top of the motion to reinforce correct posture and support your lower back.

4. Sprints

This one is pretty self explanatory, it’s just hard to motivate yourself to do them because they are tough. Sprints are one of the best cardio exercises for burning fat.

Flat land sprints should never be done at 100% because thats where injuries occur. Just aim to run at 80-90% on flat land. You can push harder if doing hill sprints as the hill will act to slow you down.

5. Boxing

Go into any boxing gym and you will see low body fat and lean bodies. In fact, stand up and throw punches consecutively for a minute and see how your arms feel.

If you have a bag you can punch that.
If you have someone to hold pads for you do that.
If you have a speedball or flor to ceiling ball you can belt the life out of that.
If you have nothing, then doing a range of punches to an invisible opponent can be just as intense, or if you’re at home you could follow a boxercise DVD.

6. Rope Snaps

Ex strongman John Brookfield popularised the use of these ropes for strength training, fat loss and conditioning only a few years back and their popularity has boomed since then.

There are a bunch of different exercises you can do with a single rope and again its one of those exericses that your body will stop when its had enough. It’ll literally give up and you wont be able to use your arms without resting them. It’s very metabolically demanding and works your entire body.

7. Medicine Ball Slams

I love med ball slams for cardio because they are fun and they work your abs hard if you are doing them right. It doesnt matter what size med ball you have either, because light ones can be done for faster reps and heavier ones for lower reps with more force.

Even more crazy is a med ball slam while doing a jumping lunge! You can thank Strength Coach Todd Durkin for that one. He almost killed me at Perform Better Chicago 2010 with that.

8. Skipping

Skipping is something we all did back in primary school and have long since forgotten. However, it is a simple form of cardio you can do anywhere with a rope for as little as $3.

It’s been a staple in boxing gyms for years and plenty of Crossfit workouts include double-unders which involve one jump with two rotations of the rope for an extra challenge. We do them at Bootcamp every week for good reason because the better you get at it, the harder you can make it.

9. Jumps

Jumping high is hard and takes a lot of practice, because it is one of the hardest things you can do with your body. You have to explode upwards as fast as you can against the force of gravity, and if you are carrying extra bodyweight it makes it even harder.

Simple jumps are short and fast, but a squat jump is a little harder and jumping onto a box is harder still. Multiple jumps done consecutively are called plyometric jumps and they require plenty of rest between sets of low reps, but will help you to jump higher and burn more fat. Athletes train this way and we all want bodies like athletes.

10. Kicking and Kickboxing

Kicking of any kind is difficult as it requires balance, strength and coordination to generate force. You can practice your kicks in the air, or against a bag or pads or even another person as in tae kwon do.

Many martial arts involve both kicking and punching, and there are plenty of people who do kickboxing for their cardio workouts. Kickboxing involves the muscles of the entire body and is very metabolically demanding, and if you pick up a video you can do it at home!

So there’s 10 simple exercises you can do at home with just your bodyweight or a cheap peice of equipment. It doesn’t take much to burn fat, just a plan, consistency and hard work. So get to it!

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