Home Workouts For Fat Loss And A Healthy Dessert

Sometimes you have to work late, or early, or you just don’t wanna exercise. These are usually the days when you need some exercise the most.

So here’s an easy way to set up your workout at home if you can’t make the gym or Bootcamp or your regular training session.

Ladder workouts.

Ladder workouts can be as simple as using only 2-3 exercises.

Then you do 10 reps of each
…then 9 reps
…then 8 reps
…all the way down to 1 rep.

Really simple and still incredibly effective for fat loss.

How much rest you have between exercises depends on you. You can have none or you can have as much time between exercises as you need. But remember, the less rest you take, the more intense the workout, the better the fat burning.

If you ever get stuck with little time to work out, try doing a ladder workout with squats and pushups, or to up the intensity even more, do jumping squats and decline pushups.


OK on to the dessert. When I visited my cousins farm recently I have the hankering for some country cooking and stewed rhubarb was on my mind. Not sure why, but I hadn’t eaten it for ages.

And so it was cut from the garden, boiled up with some peeled green apples and eaten. It was awesome! I must admit we did eat custard, but no icecream.

Now since then I’ve done the same with green apples alone and found a real nice combination.

Use 1 medium green apple per person.

Peel it and cut into thin slices, then add to a small amount of boiling water in a saucepan.

Leave it to simmer for 20-30 minutes until its soft.

You may need to stir and add or subtract water depending on the consistency.

Then you’re done.

You can eat it alone, but I like to add cinnamon for a hint of flavour and a tablespoon or two of shredded coconut for some good healthy fats. Tastes delicious.

Eating for fat loss can be tricky and somewhat limiting, but if you are creative and find the right recipes, you may find some treats that keep you on track towards your goals.

I want to share more fat loss recipes over the coming months, so if you have a favourite healthy recipe, send it through so we can all enjoy it.

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