How to Fix Poor Posture From Sitting at a Desk – Stretches & Corrective Exercises

I spend too much time sitting on my ass, and I’m sure you do too. Unfortunately, it’s part of life these days as we spend time sitting in front of the computer, the TV and in the car, train, bus and wherever else. The problem is the muscles on the front side of the body…

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30 Something Tips For A Faster Body Transformation [Part 2]

Some will argue that Bumblebee is the most popular transformer, but I think Christian Bale has him beat. He has changed so dramatically for the roles that he has played that we can learn a few things from the guy. He is committed. He has some serious discipline. His habits towards food and exercise are…

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30 Something Tips For A Faster Body Transformation [Part 1]

While Optimus Prime makes transforming easy, us humans aren’t quite as good at it. It takes hard work, consistency, accountability and strategy. It’s not impossible for anyone, and you can make some serious progress very fast if you can get your healthy habits firing on a daily basis. So here’s a list of strategies that…

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How to Lose Weight When Nothing Is Working

This comes up in conversations I have on a regular basis. “I’ve tried everything…” “No matter what I do I can’t budge it…” “It’s not working…” I understand. I’ve been there. But perhaps you’ve not tried everything yet? In the last few years I’ve turned into somewhat of a scientist or investigator with all the…

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How To Set Goals You’ll Actually Stick To

I set goals. Many people do. But many goals don’t get followed through on because they are outcome based and not habit based. We all want the amazing outcome, but often the goal itself is so big and overwhelming that we don’t know where to start or what to do first, or next. What’s the…

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