My New Business Launches Today

I’ve just had 4 months chilling out and I now feel ready to work again. And after two and a half years of work putting this together, it’s time to unveil my new project. My new business is called Warrior Within Coaching and focuses on helping men in their 30s, 40s and 50s transform their…

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What Motivates You To Train & Eat Healthy?

Motivation can be tough for many people. What drives your motivation? Is it a wedding or special event coming up you want to look better for? Do you want to be fit enough to try and keep up with your kids? Is it enjoying the feeling of being fit and healthy? Are you just one…

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Eat This, Not That. Swapping Empty Calories for Whole Foods.

A fat loss diet should never be a starvation diet. If you are starving on a diet, one day you’re gonna end up eating everything in sight. You’ve probably experienced this before. A fat loss diet should replace the empty calories you may be eating with whole food calories. For example, a soft drink has…

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Fixing Foot, Ankle, Achilles & Calf Pain with Simple Exercises at Home

Over the last few months I’ve seen way too many people suffering from foot, ankle, calf, and Achilles injuries. I believe much of this is due to either or a combination of over-training or too much stress that builds tension throughout the body and locks up some joints far more than the body can cope…

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My Retirement Letter

What’s up friends! Hope you are going great and loving Summer on the first day of Autumn! I gotta get down the beach later for a swim or surf. We’re in week 3 of our 42 Day Challenge and you guys are going great. Everyone I’ve spoken to has started making changes to their nutrition,…

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