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''I have regained an athletic physique again at the age of 46 after being deconditioned for over 7 years. All due to excessive work commitments and leaving myself, my health and fitness, low on my list of life priorities.

With Travis's encouragement and his well thought out training systems, I dropped 6kg in 4 and a half weeks, have a renewed confidence in my health and wellbeing, so much so that as an ex personal trainer I have also joined with Travis's team to share my passion for fitness.

As a trainer who has 24 years fitness industry experience, I know one of the best fitness programs in the world, not only when I see one, but when I have personally experienced tremendous physical and personal gains in my own life.

As a True friend Travis I can never thank you enough! As one fitness professional to another, thank you for trusting me with your systems and thank you for inspiring me to reconnect with my Life Quest as a Mind and Body Fitness Specialist.''


“I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for helping me to achieve my goal.

After two years of only running and thinking that I could eat what I wanted because of the “cardio” I was doing I had put on weight and felt wobbly.

I was feeling gross about myself and the extra weight I had put on when my friend told me the best I had looked was when I was training with you!

I decided to rejoin and became determined to get my backside into gear and fit back into my wardrobe and I had nothing to lose (less except the extra weight I had put on!). Signing up gave me the drive I needed to become accountable and just do it!

I changed my eating habits and lowered my calorie intake. I did this by choosing healthy fruit and veg over junk as much as I could. I cut out all the biscuits cake and junk food habits I had developed too.

I made sure I got to my training sessions and put in 100% effort while there. I also did extra workouts and interval training. I even went down south for a long weekend and got up early one Day and did a workout that included doing burpees! – what was wrong with me!!!

I actually exceeded my expectations and I lost 6.8kg in 8 weeks, but I was most pleased about was loss of 8.5cm from my waist and 6cm from my hips. I feel so much more confident and fit back into my wardrobe, some things are even too big for me now!

Now the big challenge remains to keep it off and get fitter and healthier – which I know I can do if I stick with it and with the help from you.

Thanks so much for helping me to become reinvigorated about exercise and fitness!”


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