What Motivates You To Train & Eat Healthy?

Motivation can be tough for many people.

What drives your motivation?

Is it a wedding or special event coming up you want to look better for?

Do you want to be fit enough to try and keep up with your kids?

Is it enjoying the feeling of being fit and healthy?

Are you just one of those people who needs to be outside and active as much as possible?

Is it an illness or injury that’s stopping you from doing something you love?

Or is it pain that drives you to keep moving forward?

For many people, the pain of loneliness or wanting a partner in their life is a big motivator.

Maybe you just need to challenge yourself, and the challenges just keep getting bigger.

Whatever it is, you need to remind yourself of this MOTIVATOR often.

They say looking at your goals every day brings you to them faster.

Same goes for your motivation.

If you see a picture or text of your motivation to train and eat healthy, you’re more likely to commit to the things that will get you there.

It could be just checking your Instagram account and following your favourite athletes, but do your research behind what they do and who they are before you decide to be like them.

Some of these people are genetically blessed and can eat whatever they want and look amazing year round.

This is not reality for the vast majority.

Maybe it’s a background image on your phone that reminds you of what you want.

Perhaps you have a friend or two that you admire and they keep pushing you forward. Fantastic.

Doing it by yourself is tough, but with a few people, you keep each other in check.

This is what we aim for with people who train with us.

We want you to get to know each other and be accountable to them, because we know how important it is to persistence and consistency.

Reaching a goal like getting fit enough for a work requirement or dropping a few kilos or gaining some muscle or getting stronger can be tough on your own.

But if your buddy next to you is stronger than you, you’re more likely to push that little bit more, try that little bit harder, eat a little bit better.

You may have a family member who is doing it tough and you want to be strong for them. It’s a noble goal.

Maybe your family has a history of mental illness and you want to try and avoid it.

Exercise and a diet of mostly fresh fruits and vegetables (ideally organic) will help dramatically to stabilize your mood, keep you away from depression for a bit or dig yourself out of a dark place.

You might just like to live a somewhat indulgent life with food or drink or whatever, and exercise and good nutrition help to balance that out for you.

Whatever it is that motivates you, remind yourself of it often.

That motivation may change over time, but whatever it is, keep focused on it.

Hope that helps people.

Have a great week and keep trying to get a little better each day.

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