Simplifying Fat Loss Nutrition


I enjoy eating, a lot.

But even I get overwhelmed with all the information on nutrition and everything that makes it up.

This new diet and that recipe book and that thing, whatever that is…

Wouldn’t surprise me if I over complicate it for you guys as I try to explain it.

So I was stoked to find this gem during my study of Precision Nutrition’s ‘Essentials of Sport & Exercise Nutrition’ – a new course I’m doing.

It’s a series of questions to ask yourself daily so you know if you are on track or needing to get back on.

#1 How much food are you eating each day?

How many meals do you eat?

What size are they?

Is it the right amount for your goals or too much or little?

Are you eating a lot of one particular thing all the time?

Do you eat off a small, medium or big bowl or plate?

#2 How are you eating each day?

Do you shovel food down your gullet as fast as possible so you can get back to reading or talking or working or whatever?

Or do you take your time to slow down and enjoy your food?

If you put your utensils down between mouthfuls, you’ll slow down enough to feel your fullness when it arrives.

Do you taste and enjoy it?

Do you eat with friends or family?

Do you eat at home more or out more?

Do you have the TV on or are you on your phone or reading?

#3 Why are you eating each day?

Are you eating because its lunch time or because you have to take out a client?

Is it because you’ve booked dinner with friends months ago or are you too tired to cook?

Do you eat because you’ve just done a huge training session?

Do you eat because of stress when a walk could have taken that stress away?

Are you eating because you are hungry? That’s the best reason to eat.

#4 What are you eating each day?

Is it mostly fresh, non-processed real foods?

Is it lots of fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, whole grains and legumes?

Are you eating convenience meals or take away meals?

Are you eating meals you or your partner prepared?

Is your food organically farmed?

Are you doing #1 – #4 properly and consistently,
at least 75% of the time?

No! Practice the basics.

You will not succeed in the long term until the basics are mastered.

Master the basics and you won’t be stuck chasing the same goal 10 years down the line.

Yes! Great we can start to dig into some deeper stuff.

But for now, don’t give up the practice.

Keep at it until you are at 90% and we’ll slowly add some new ideas for you too.

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