What Are You NOT Willing To Give Up?

What-Are-You-Not-Willing-To-Give-Up-1I took my good friend and fellow trainer Steve Mclean out to lunch the other day. We’ve been friends for around 7 years after meeting at an acrobatics class and we have trained and worked together ever since.

Steve and I always have very interesting conversations and today while talking about our clients training for fat loss, he brought up a very important point.

It was a point he’d recently brought up with one of his clients who was at a plateau.

Nothing was working and they couldn’t understand why.

He asked one question…

What Are You Not Willing To Give Up?

People are always resistant to change and we often hang onto things that keep us in our comfort zone. Unfortunately our comfort zone is a place where big change just doesn’t happen.

We need to push ourselves in order to grow and step up to the next level.


So what is it that you are hanging on to?

For some people it can be the belief that their diet is fine. Much of the time these same people don’t want to share what they’re eating because they aren’t ready to change it YET. That’s ok, but you will reach a point where there can be no further progress until it is addressed.

For some people it may be alcohol. Almost everyone likes a social drink on the weekend, but we all know that a social drink often turns into 4 or 8 or 12 and before you know it you’re munching away on a kebab late at night too.

What-Are-You-Not-Willing-To-Give-Up-goldfishFor others you may need to step up your exercise. It was probably a big deal to start going to the gym or a Bootcamp but now consistency is getting tough and there just seems to be more important things to do.

Decide to stick with it on certain days and add in one extra workout a week until you can sustain up to 6 a week if that’s what you need to reach your goals.

Even the government is convinced we should be able to ‘Find 30’ minutes a day for exercise and we need to make it a priority.

Maybe you need to push harder when you train.
Use heavier weights or sprint instead of jog.
Do an extra few k’s when you run or ride or swim!

What-Are-You-Not-Willing-To-Give-Up-einsteinMaybe you are quite good with your food and consistent with your exercise, but your weight isn’t doing what you want it to do and you suspect it’s because of a health issue.

It’s more confortable to just keep training and trying new diets even though it’s going nowhere.

If you suspect something is up with your health it’s probably time to find a health professional who can help you.

If you’re unsure ask around or ask me. I’m happy to point you in the right direction and I’ve been through a ton of health issues myself so I know what it’s like.

Even Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result!

Perhaps the meal plan you’ve been trying to stick to is just too hard. Get a different one!

Regardless of what your challenge is, you’ve got to tackle it head on. Find out what you’re not willing to give up and start taking small steps to letting it go.

Once you learn to let go, then the magic will happen.

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