Your Plan To Look Good For Summer (Start Early!)

your-plan-to-look-good-for-summer-mudd-rush-trav-n-stu-1What a weekend! Mudd Rush was so much fun. We ran and jumped and climbed and crawled and threw mud and went down a slide and bathed in ice and yelled and screamed and laughed! Our team did a great job and we all had a ball.

Everyone was fit enough from their Bootcamp training to get through it and I’m sure we all left with a good sense of acomplishment in defeating the Mudd Rush, along with a few cuts, bruises and sore, achy bodies. It was an unforgettable day!
But back to reality…

After an extended stay in the US and eating as well as I could while I was on holiday, I still managed to gain some weight. I’m not too happy about it, but it was always going to happen. There’s just too many new things to try while overseas and most of the time they are unhealthy.

I am finally organized with my food and trying to make it as easy as I can. You should do the same.

I know the next few months leading up to summer are going to be busy for me so I need to be super organized, more than I have been before, so I’ve made a plan, am writing up some recipes and trying them all out as I go. The recipes will be up next week. But for now, here’s my plan and hopefully it’ll help you too.

My goal.

Drop the body fat I gained in the USA and then some. I’m currently at around 13-14%. I was around 11-12% before I left. I want to get down to 9% before Christmas.

Your goal.

Make a specific goal to work towards. It can be physique based or fitness based. Whether you get there is not the issue. Whether you stick to the plan is the main aim. If you stick to the plan you will be fitter, stronger and healthier and even if you hadn’t reached the summit, you’ll be so much closer than when you first started.

your-plan-to-look-good-for-summer-no-excuses-cookbookMy plan.

Find a whole bunch of recipes that take a short while to prepare and cook.
They must meet my girlfriends standards of yummy food.

They must also meet the 10 food rules in their structure.
The main points are:

  • Eat at least 5 serves of vegetables a day and eat them at each meal.
  • Eat your starchy carbs (bread, rice, pasta, potatoes) only after your most intense exercise sessions and only 3 days a week.
  • Eat protein at each meal or snack. Protein should be in the form of lean meats, fish, eggs, protein powder, tofu or other vegetarian options.
  • No liquid calories, so no rich sauces with your meals.
  • Make sure you are eating whole foods. Fresh and frozen first, and canned if you get desperate.
  • Eat a wide variety of foods and try some new stuff. This makes meals interesting so you don’t get sick of what you are eating and revert back to junk food.
  • Plan to eat junk food 10% of the time. Plan when it’s gonna happen, don’t just let it happen.

You can read more about the 10 Food Rules here:

Your plan.

Steal my recipes and share with us your recipes. You can leave them in the comment section below so everyone who reads the blog can try them. Your recipes must also meet the 10 food rules so please check them over first.

your-plan-to-look-good-for-summer-write-a-shopping-listMy plan.

Write a shopping list of the foods I need for the recipes. If I don’t have a shopping list I will forget. So will you. I aim to always have everything I need on hand so I don’t run out.

Your plan.

Write your shopping list for the recipes you already know. Steal my shopping list for the recipes you wanna try (next week).

Go shopping and stick to the list.


Keep some frozen veg in the freezer at all times. When you’re cooking and you don’t have much or any fresh stuff, you can at least throw the frozen stuff in so you get your veggie fix. If you cook my recipes and don’t have vegetables you will have a meal of just protein and have to add carbs to fill yourself up.

your-plan-to-look-good-for-summer-freeze-your-mealsMy plan.

Cook enough food so I can get a few meals from it and save on cooking time. Refrigerate some and freeze some more. I want to create a stockpile of meals that I like and know will support my fat loss goals to eat when I’m tired, busy or can’t be bothered cooking.

Your plan.

Go and buy some cheap storage containers that you can stack in your freezer for when you need them. Or you can use what you have, but make sure you have enough.

Cook bigger meals and refrigerate or freeze what’s left over.


My plan.

Remember to pull the meat from the freezer the day/night before I want to cook it.
Remember to pull the meal(s) from the freezer the day/night before I want to eat them.

Having to go buy something after you have gotten home from a busy day at work is the last thing you want to do. You’re more likely to just order some takeout. I am.

Your plan.

Write yourself a reminder on the freezer, the bathroom mirror or somewhere you will see it. Trying to remember is too hard. Sticking a note blatantly in front of your face is much more effective. I’m gonna do it for me right now. Don’t judge me on how clean or dirty my bathroom mirror is.

As mentioned, next week I’ll put the recipes up for you. They are very simple and I have tried them all. I’ll add more over the coming weeks as I go through them. And if you have any you think will help us, please write them up in the comments section so everyone can use them!

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