How To Get Stronger And Why You Should


I have been obsessed with the art of strength training and getting stronger since I was in high school.

At high school I observed most of the guys my age growing into their larger manly frame as they got older. I always wondered why I wasn’t growing into mine. Sure I was getting taller but I was built like a skeleton. What was so different about me?

I got my first weight set when I was 15 and a weights bench when I was 16 and thought I’d have to get stronger to stimulate my own growth. But even that didn’t make enough of a difference because I didn’t know enough about nutrition and my diet was no good.

Many years down the line and I enrolled in a personal training course because I had to quench my curiosity. Since then, I’ve never looked back and can’t stop studying strength.

There are so many different apporaches to strength training too.

  • how-to-get-stronger-and-why-you-should-sandowthis way is better than this way
  • lift light
  • lift heavy
  • lift lots of reps
  • lift few reps
  • train every day
  • train only a few days a week

The funny thing is, over the last 10 years I’ve seen all ways work in a broad variety of circumstances.

And I’ve tried so many different types too. Some are better for sport, some better for physique transformation, and some better for people who are simply wanting to get strong.

But strength training is much more fun than just getting stronger. There are other fantastic side effects.

One of the best side effects of strength training is increased muscle mass in men and women. But it’s not just increased muscle mass that you get. By lifting weights at a moderate to heavy weight, you also stimulate a higher metabolic rate thus burning more fat.

So the increase in muscle and metabolic rate usually results in a decrease in body fat thus changing the way a person looks.

So I train the majority of my clients with Cardio Strength Training or Metabolic Training which is first and foremost aimed at fat loss through carfeully programmed strength training workouts because this is what works fastest for physique transformation.


Lift weights and you will look better!

One of the main concerns that women and some men have is, are they going to get bulky?

The answer in most cases is NO.

Women don’t have as much testosterone in their body to stimulate massive muscle growth and the majority of the time they aren’t going to be eating a ton of food to gain huge amounts of muscle. They are often doing just the opposite.

Women SHOULD be trying to gain some muscle.

A kilo of muscle takes up way less space than a kilo of fat. So if over a 6 month period you gained 3 kilos of muscle and lost 3 kilos of fat you would look so different you would be shocked!

It is possible to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time!

Men have the ability to gain muscle in much greater capacity, but it’s still not easy to get bulky. If you wanted to get bulky you would have to eat regular big meals and lift heavy weights on a consistent basis. There’s steroids that could help too.

But for the average guy who just wants to get strong and toned, he can eat a pretty good diet and still gain some muscle that won’t be bulky.

If you get your diet just right you can gain muscle and lose fat, but the diet part will take discipline and consistency, as well as some trial and error on your part.

What should I eat to get stronger and lose fat?

When trying to gain muscle and lose fat, we usually limit carbohydrate consumption. So you need to get energy from somewhere else.

If you eat too much carbohydrate especially without protein or fat, your insulin levels will rise quickly and you will feel hungry again, even after eating. So every meal or snack should have some protein.

Our aim is to eat more protein and good fat and limit intake of energy dense carbohydrates.

First of all you should be eating adequate protein. Protein is the building block of muscle. Eat enough of it and you will gain or maintain your muscle mass. Eat too little and you could lose muscle, which in turn slows down your metabolic rate so you’re burning less fat over the course of a day.

Protein also makes you feel full.

If you lose muscle you will undoubtedly gain some fat, so eat your protein!

Next you need to get a wide range of vegetables in as that will be your main source of carbohydrates. The carbohydrates are used as a source of energy throughout the day and supply the vital nutrients to keep you healthy.

Energy dense carbohydrates such as bread, rice, pasta and potatoes should only be eaten after exercise. You want some of this type of carbohydrate after a strength workout to replenish the glycogen stores inside the muscles, because you just used it up.

You should also be getting some good fats in. The fats are also used as energy and necessary to brain function, healthy joints and stopping you from being hungry just like protein.


How strong should I be aiming to get?

I don’t think it really matters for most of the population. Athletes are an exception, but most of us should be aiming to keep getting stronger every year. This means each workout you should try to do more work.

You should either aim to do a few extra reps or increase the weight you are using. You won’t be able to increase the weight you lift every workout but just aim for an extra rep or two until the weight seems a little too light and step up to the next level.

If you continue to to do more reps or lift more weight during a prescribed work period you will keep getting stronger.

Do this the rest of your life and you will look and feel great!

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