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The Total Surfing Fitness program is GUARANTEED to make you a better surfer.

A bold claim? Yes. But I’m not just repeating what the website says. I know first-hand, because I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Clayton Beatty, the products creator, every day for the last 6 years.

Total-Surfing-Fitness-Review-Download-2But don’t just believe me. Thousands of people have used the program since it was first introduced.

“I am 38 years old and used the Total Surfing Fitness training tips for only six weeks prior to a recent surf trip overseas and found immediate results. Feeling stronger, fitter and more flexible gave me the confidence and ability catch more waves and to make the most of every surf session. I look forward to continuing with Total Surfing Fitness.”
Darren Brown

“Let me just say that I have found Total Surfing Fitness to be an excellent collective source of information for any surfer wanting to plan an exercise regime in order to improve their overall surfing fitness, its helped me to plan my cardio swimming program, core strengthening and balance exercises and daily stretching.

I have had read various surf fitness books before and although they helped the were not complete its covers everything you need. My surfing has improved as I am more comfortable in the water especially in bigger conditions, I would recommend this to anyone who wants their surfing to progress and a must if your a charger. Cheers.”
Mark, Ireland

Total-Surfing-Fitness-Review-Download-Clayton-BeattyClayton is a qualified Exercise Scientist and holds a Bachelor of Science (Human Movement) and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia. That and he has a mad addiction for knowledge which means his personal fitness library is extensive and the amount of articles he reads online from some of the best in the business is inumerable.

He is a surfer but most of all, he is a fitness guru. He tries every exercise and workout personally, before you ever see it. Not to mention his personal training clients who get to experience the surf specific exercises firsthand.

Total Surfing Fitness is a 12 week surf training program designed to build a foundation of solid surfing fitness.

You will get stronger, fitter, have increased paddle speed, more endurance, and rock solid core and thus catch more waves.

It is available as an easy download from the web so you get the product as soon as you have bought it, rather than waiting for a printed product to be shipped through. This means you can buy it now and start the surf training in a few minutes time.

Total-Surfing-Fitness-Review-Download-pdfsThe program comes as a pdf ebook which you should print out and follow along with.

Its got pictures of everything so you can see all the surf specific exercises and descriptions of exactly what to do.


And you don’t even need much equipment. It’s based on bodyweight exercises plus a pair of dumbbells and a fitball. So anyone can do it anywhere.

Theres been a bunch of teenages go through the program and the oldest person we know about is in their seventies! Impressive.

For those who have already completed the program, there is advanced workouts and the High Performance Club which features a new monthly program to keep you advancing in fitness, strength and skill every month.

Total-Surfing-Fitness-Review-Download-GuaranteeTheres also a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can download it and try it for a few months. If your not happy with your progress you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

I interviewed Clayton Beatty about his surf training program so you have a better understanding of who this is for, what it involves, what equipment you need and what you get for your money.

You can check out my Total Surfing Fitness review video below.

And if you’re convinced, you should get it NOW
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Surfing Has Become More Enjoyable
“I recently purchased the Total Surfing Fitness Program and started the 12 week program. In the five (5) weeks I have been following the program I have noticed a definite improvement in not only my surfing fitness but also my general fitness.

Every aspect of the above has improved – Endurance – paddling, Core strength, Strength – lower and upper body and balance.

I have searched high and low to find a program specific to surfing, without expending a lot of time out of the water – I’m pleased to say “I have found it!” Thanks to you and your program my surfing has not only improved but become a lot more enjoyable.Note: Been in J- Bay surfing all time waves for the last Ten (10) days – two surfs per day! No problems and that’s only after 5 weeks of program.”
Fabian Coetzer

Master’s Level Competitive Surfer uses Total Surfing Fitness
“I live on the East Coast of the USA and have been a Master’s Level Competitive Surfer for the past 3 years. I have been surfing for close to 20 years overall but have taken the past 4 years more seriously with my out-of-water training. I have used surfing materials from Mike Martin @ Surf Success for my competitive results, and materials from Martin Dunn @ Surf Coach for my overall surfing technique…but your functional training has really helped me to improve my overall fitness level which is “truly” the most important thing a surfer can acquire!

Your exercises and demonstration videos are spot-on! I am not getting any younger…and as I continue to surf I need to keep my fitness level as high as possible to prevent injury and improve my surfing enjoyment and progression as a whole. Thank you for giving me another method to improve my life-fitness and skill level in surfing! Cheers!”
Frank Bellezza

“My balance,  and surfing has definitely improved! I have been taking yoga for awhile and nothing has improved my balance and strength like the surfing fitness training routine. This regime is the best in the market at propelling your surfing to the next level! Thank you for all the help. I probably improved my surfing more in the past year than 10 years combined. Keep up the good work man!
Ian, Redondo Beach , CA

“I’ve been using the Total Surfing Fitness program for about 2 months now and I can really start to feel the difference in my surfing, I get more waves, I surf for longer and I’ve started to ride bigger heavier waves! It’s by far the best program for any surfer and the best part is you don’t have to pay some gym for using equipment not designed for improving your surfing!
Thanks for a great program!”
Andre Wium
South Africa


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