Are You 100% Committed

On the past weekend, 3 or 4 of our BOOTCAMP ladies competed in a triathlon.

For some, it was their first time. They signed up for a training course in the New Year, then went through the whole training process and competed on the day. For the others, they signed up, trained, ate and made it to the finish line.

They won.

Their placing in the race isn’t important. It’s the fact that they decided to try something new and hard, something outside their comfort zone, and they stuck to it, winning the prize for their efforts.

The prize? A feeling of accomplishment and that they are able to do anything. Maybe something bigger!

You gain huge amounts of confidence when you tackle a big challenge and achieve it.

So how does this apply to you?

At some stage you decided you wanted to do something about the way your body looked or felt.

You decided enough is enough and you make a call or sent an email or joined a gym or came along with a friend to training or committed to running a couple of days a week. You took the first step.

Once you started the exercise you started adjusting your food, which you met with great resistance. But you made a few changes and started feeling better. Maybe you even lost weight. You took the second step.

Maybe you didn’t lose weight like you were hoping and needed to step things up to the next level. Maybe you did for a while, then let it slip.

The next step requires a higher level of compliance and commitment.

Are you ready for the new challenge?

Are you ready for the next level of commitment?

The answer is either YES or NO, but the outcome is either massive change or mediocrity.

If you want to change the way your body looks, anything is possible.

If you decide to compete in a body building competition, you could do it. Some people have done so in 12 weeks time and others in less.

If you decide to drop to single digit body fat (for guys) or in the teens (for girls) you could do it, if you committed to it. You’ve seen the before and after photos of various programs.

You wanna drop a dress or pant size in a month? I’ve seen massive change in as little as 4 weeks!

But you must understand…

The bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacles that stand in the way of success.

The hardest part of the whole process is DECIDING that you are going to make the change and see it through until the end.

In the case of the new triathletes, their training program was about 6 weeks. The cost was early mornings, lack of sleep, muscle pain and challenges to their fitness that they were not used to.

A few of my friends have been training for the Rottnest swim for almost 6 months! The cost for them is massive amounts of time training and very little social life.

I’ve been on a quest to get ultra fit, strong and super healthy since I was 21, and Chronic Fatigue is the biggest roadblock I could think of. It’s so far cost me almost 2 years of hell, but I’ve learnt a ton and know I’ll be better on the other side.

How many years have you been telling yourself that this is the year you are going to change how your body looks?

Have you reached your goal?

If not, you have a tough decision to make, and until you make it and really commit to it, you probably won’t make the changes big enough to reach your goal.

So if you are ready for it, take the next step.

DECIDE you are going to make the change.

Find your training program and stick to it no matter what.

Find a diet or eating plan that you are going to stick to no matter what.

Find a friend you can be accountable to and find some way to make you stick to your mission. One suggestion I heard recently was giving your friend a dollar for every time you ate something that was detrimental to your diet or skipping a workout.

Put aside the time and money you’ll need to do it.

If you need help with training programs or nutrition/diets, I can give you more options than you can think of. But you still need to DECIDE and COMMIT.

Write your goal down.

Read it several times a day.

Find a picture to inspire you and look at that.

Be specific and include how many training sessions, when you will do the them, what you are eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, what time you will go to bed and wake up, etc.

Cover everything, and commit to it. If you need to just do a bit at first, great. But give yourself a time period when you will step it up again.

‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’

I’ve seen it countless times, when someone has been training with me for a long time and they finally make the decision. This year I’ve seen it with Amar dropping around 5kg already!

If you make that decision, everything that follows,
GOOD OR BAD, is worth it.

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