Liquid Calories Are Making You Fat

It’s October and to many people in the world who love a good ale or two it means OKTOBERFEST!

What a great excuse to drink copious amounts of beer for several weeks…which brings me to todays nutrition rule.

Nutrition Rule #6

You should only drink fluids that contain ZERO calories including fruit juice. Instead drink around 2 litres of water throughout the day. Green tea is also good.

We’ve all heard it so many times before and yet we still try to lose weight without cutting the liquid calories. Honestly it’s not really trying hard enough.

For most people who just want to drop a dress or pant size, cutting out liquid calories, especially alcohol, will make the fastest difference.

It’s easy to drop a dress size or pant size in a month or less if you actually commit to it whole-heartedly.

But it seems so many of us are addicted to coffee, soft drinks and alcohol and we can’t live without them.

To me it just sounds like excuses from people who don’t want it bad enough and aren’t prepared to sacrifice a small part of their social life for a short time period to reach what I feel is an easily achievable  goal.

So if you’ve been following the other food rules and haven’t adopted this one yet, give yourself a month of NO LIQUID CALORIES and see what happens.

You can find the rest of the food rules we have covered so far here:

1. Take fish oil and a multi vitamin every day.

2. Eat at least 5 serves of vegetables every day plus 2 fruits.

3. Eat other carbs only after exercise. By other carbs we are referring to energy dense carbs such as bread, rice, pasta, sugars, potatoes, etc. So reward yourself with a carb dense meal directly after a workout because that’s when your body can use them.

4. Eat every 2-4 hours. This equates to 4+ times a day. They don’t need to be big meals. Some can be snacks. Just make each meal comply with these habits.

5. Eat protein at each meal and snack.

5 weeks ago after our Thanksgiving feast I decided to try and drop 2% body fat over the course of the month and challenged you all to do the same.

I tried it the hard way first and didn’t really try too hard.

I didn’t lose anything. I was still eating too much junk food and too many carbs and lacked any real discipline in the matter.

After 2 weeks I decided to pull my finger out and really give it a go.
So 3 weeks later and  I have dropped 1.5% body fat.

I honestly just cleaned up my eating by having only 1 or 2 cheat meals per week and having several days a week where my only carbs would come from veggies.

It was too easy.

Yes there is some discipline in not eating those delicious heavy carbs we crave so often, but if you have enough healthy food around you really have no excuse.

So my body fat has dropped from 15.6 to 13.8% so far.

I’m gonna keep up my disciplined eating until the results stop. Then I’ll make a few small changes and keep moving again.

My goal is to hit 11% like I did in February and maintain it over summer

So I throw my challenge out to you again.

Follow the food rules and keep up your Cardio Strength Training like this and you’ll drop 2% Body Fat in a month and probably a dress size or pants size too!


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