How To Lose the Last 3 Kilos

The last 3 kilos… It’s that little bit of fat that’s still left after months of training that just won’t go away.It’s always the hardest part to get rid of.

You know you’re so close to seeing your Abs but they just won’t pop out.
Your Butt and Legs are tighter than they’ve ever been but you just can’t see the muscle tone yet.

The legs and abs are the most common areas people struggle with when trying to drop the last bit of body fat. So how do you do it?

This stage takes a whole lot more dedication than you have been giving it already, but don’t get discouraged. Most people won’t get past this stage because they make it too big of a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how I want you to approach it.

Give yourself a 1 week deadline and commit yourself to being the strictest with food and exercise that you have ever been.

At the end of that week have a rest day and a cheat meal.

For the next week, give yourself a 1 week deadline and commit yourself to being the strictest with food and exercise that you have ever been.

Repeat until you have reached your goal.

You may reach your goal in 2 weeks. You may reach your goal in 6 weeks.

You only need to approach it one week at a time. Anything more can be psychologically TOO HARD and you won’t even try it!

For those people who can give themselves a longer time-frame, give yourself 4-6 weeks and again approach it one week at a time.

During the start of this year, I decided to eat no junk food for all of January. That got me great results, so I had a cheat day on February 1 and ate no junk food for the rest of February.

This effort netted me with the lowest bodyfat percentage that I’ve had in years. 11.9%.

So now you have a goal and a plan on how to approach it, what about specifics?


Be strict with it.
No liquid calories which means no alcohol, not even for your cheat meal.
No junk food.
No processed or packaged food.
Follow a meal plan. The easiest one I’ve found for fast fat loss is Warp Speed Fat Loss which you can see HERE.

Give yourself one cheat meal per week, but don’t go completely overboard with it and eat everything you can find. Preferably eat this meal at a restaurant so you don’t have any junk food in your fridge of cupboards.

If there’s junk food in your house, you’ll be tempted to eat it.

If you feel you need a sugar fix, you can try some of these cheat snacks.

Chocolate peanut butter. You make this by mixing chocolate protein powder with peanut butter until it becomes a smooth paste. Then you can put it in the fridge to make it set, but it often doesn’t make it to the fridge and gets eaten out of the bowl. I suggest you check out a recipe from google for exact quantities.

Strawberries mixed in low fat natural yoghurt.

Chopped banana in coconut. You can really use any fruit you like and mix it with desiccated or shredded coconut which adds some good fat to the mix.

Fruit smoothies using your favourite fruit, coconut milk, ice and water.


You want to maximise your training time during this period by doing just enough high intensity training, but not too much. Too much high intensity exercise can leave you burnt out, injured and set back in your goals. So we’re gonna do some low intensity stuff too.

Do 3 cardio strength training sessions per week.

You need to give yourself little to no rest between exercises and work the entire body like what we do at Bootcamp.
If you want to train in a similar way at home with no equipment you can use the following workout.

Here it is if you want to write it down.
10 x Bodyweight Squats or Jump Squats or Band Jump Squats
10 x Pushups or Clap Pushups or Band Pushups
10 x Single Leg Deadlifts
10 x Break Dancers or Band Resisted Break Dancers
10 x Star Jumps
10 x Bodyweight Rows or Seated Rows

For those people who want a regular program like above you can pick up my Home Bootcamp Workouts program here.
You can also buy the Bands as used in the video HERE or on the products page.

Do 3 cardio interval training sessions per week.

You can include a social sport such as basketball, hockey or soccer where you are sprinting and resting frequently during the game.

Hill sprints are awesome for burning fat and getting you strong at the same time. Just pick a hill or set of stairs and run up it for a set time.

I like to work with 10 x 10 metre sprints while you are fresh. This is at maximum intensity.
Then do 4-6 20 metre sprints.
Finish with 1-3 long sprints up the full length of the hill. The intensity is slightly lower again but you’ll need to dig deep to push yourself up there.
The sessions should take you no longer than 20 minutes and should always include a full warm-up before you start such as the one we discussed 2 weeks ago here (video).

You can always do sprints on the flat ground but you must be strict with your form and not ever sprint at 100% as that is where most injuries happen.

Bike sprints are great too, either on the street or on a stationary bike. A spin class may be more motivating for you.

Intervals on the rowing machine are great too as they work the entire body.

Skipping and bodyweight cardio exercises are great too and you can do them at home any time.

Walk 4-7 days per week at a fast pace.

Get out in the fresh air and walk fast, preferably through hills.

Aim for 30-60 minutes before breakfast if you can.

This means you will probably be doing 2 sessions of exercise each day, several days per week.

As mentioned earlier, it’s not for the faint hearted, but it is achieveable and you can get results reallly fast.

Believe me its easier to cut out everything for a month and get a result, than use the ‘everything in moderation’ attitude and get nowhere. When it comes down to those last 3kgs its make it or break it. You can do it, just get stuck into it and commit 100%.

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