How Often Should I Eat For Fastest Weight Loss?

Eat every 2-4 hours. This equates to 4+ times a day.

They don’t need to be big meals. Some can be snacks. Just make each meal contain some protein and vegetables or fruit.


Breakfast will start your metabolism for the day and give you energy. Even if you don’t eat breky for an hour or two after you get up, you should still eat it!

Most people eat 3 main meals per day and sometimes have a snack somewhere in between. Often this snack is offered to them at work and is sometimes healthy, but the need to snack is not always on a hunger basis.

You don’t have to eat 3 main meals a day. You might be better with 2 main meals and 2-4 snacks. You might be better with all your meals the same size. You have to figure out what works for you.

Research shows that eating quality meals or snacks every 2-4 hours increases metabolism, encourages smaller meals, balances blood sugar and helps maintain muscle while giving your body a reason to burn excess fat.

If you are already eating 3 main meals per day and occasionally snacking then this should be an easy transition for you. A few things to keep in mind though.

• If you are snacking, don’t eat massive meals. You don’t need big meals. Just enough is enough.
Don’t snack on junk food just to get a snack in. If your snack option is healthy, great. If not, then not eating will be much better for you.
• If you are a smaller person, 4 meals/snacks might be enough for you. If you are bigger then 6 or more meals/snacks might be better for you. You alone should find the balance.

Forget the old myth! You are allowed to eat before bed as long as it’s a quality snack.

If you have to miss a meal, just try to eat something quality as soon as possible. Make someone bring you food if need be.

The best strategy is to have some snacks with you all the time so you don’t go hungry.

People often get stumped on snacks so here’s a few easy ones:

• Celery dipped in peanut butter. You can also use carrots, capsicum, cucumber, etc.

• Protein shakes with a small piece of fruit or veggies.

• Small serve of nuts or seeds with a piece of fruit or veggies.

• Cottage cheese with veggie sticks or fruit mixed in.

• Low fat natural yoghurt with frozen berries. (Not the stuff with fruit mixed in already. The sugar content is too high)

• Small piece of low fat cheese with vegetables.

• Small can of tuna with a serve of veggies.

• A boiled egg or two with a piece of fruit or veggies.

• A small serve of leftovers

Always keep in mind that snacks should contain some protein and vegetables or fruit.

Remember the 2 fruit and 5 veg rule and eat your vegetables as a priority.

Leftovers are always good no matter how much is left. Just thing about those times when you had a little left and decided to eat it instead of keeping it for tomorrow. Keep it!

Meals should be chewed thoroughly and eaten slowly plus be just enough food to fill you up. If you feel full, stop eating and save the food!

One last thing…
We want this to be a long term change, so you stay lean and healthy your whole life.

Don’t try to change everything at once!

Small steps will add up quickly and most people who try to change everything at once often end up not changing at all.

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