Foam Rollers And Why You Should Be Using One

I am a huge fan of the foam roller and believe everyone should have one and use it regularly.

After reading about them in articles my Mike Robertson, a US based trainer with a speciality in corrective exercise, I ordered my first one back in 2007 and got stuck into the exercises.

I had a whole bunch of momevent problems and couldn’t run or jump without pulling muscles and being stuck in pain. I was seeing an occupational therapist once or twice a week and it was costing me a fortune! The articles by Mike promised that foam rolling would reduce pain, decrease my recovery time and increase my flexibility.

It delivered results immediately and I usd it consistently for 3 months.

My injuries got better at a much faster rate and I could move again.

Four years down the line and Mike Robertson is a good friend of mine. He has taught me a ton about corrective exercise and now I can help you with your aches, pains and movement problems. The foam roller is the first step.

You can pick one up here and it comes with a DVD where I take you through the exercises and show you some other tricks along the way.

The foam rollers are 15cm x 45cm long. I have tried all sizes and find the 45cm ones best.

Price is
$40 + $7.95 postage and handling OR you can pick one up from me at Bootcamp if arranged in advance.

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