Think Yourself Thin…Is It Possible?

The mind is a very powerful thing, but strangely enough many of us never really try to get the most out of it.

The body is also a very powerful machine, and yet many of us don’t fuel it properly so it can function at its peak.

If you use your mind to focus on your goals, what you really want, you will have far greater succes than if you just half-heartedly commit to a lean body.

I personally cant study enough of this mind psychology stuff.

I love it. I am truly fascinated at how the mind works and how it can be used to overcome obstacles which we cant even see!

This might sound crazy to some but the more you look into the power of the mind, the more you too will be convinced about it.

And the more convinced I am, the harder I try to apply it.

And the more I try to apply it, the more I see it all relates back to our self-image or how we see ourselves or think of ourselves, what we are capable of, our limits, etc.

I recently picked up a copy of Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and am working my way through that.

Also, over the last month I had a couple of my clients talk to me about a book called The Gabriel Method, and so I have been reading away for the last few weeks and thought you’d be interested in what it has to say.

In the book he talks about re-setting the body’s ‘set point’ or finding your ideal weight, through stress reduction and visualization, amongst other things.

I’m a long time believer in stress reduction and visualization techniques for weight loss and the way Jon explains it is very interesting.

Along the way it too talks about re-setting your self image, which is a subconscious thing you may not even realize.

It also comes with a cd you can play before you go to sleep or as a meditation session to help reset your self image. I’m listening to it regularly and although I dont need to lose any weight, am still interested in the effects it may bring to other areas of my life.

I know all about this, as self image issues held me back from succeeding in building a business for many years. In fact I’ve lost a ton of money due to not believing in myself and not holding a strong enough self image.

So I’ve put up a few videos of Jon Gabriel for you to check out.

Listen to what he has to say and if it piques your curiosity, buy the book. It’s well worth your while.

We’ve all got issues, and you’d be surprised how much they can hold you back in life.

But if you work on your mind, your body has no choice but to follow!

Perth Personal Trainer

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