How To Keep The Weight Off Over Easter

Hey It’s Easter in a few days and that gives many of us a reason to indulge in chocolate. This makes my job really difficult, so if you could just NOT over indulge that would be great for me and for your waistline.

As promised to my bootcampers, heres a few workouts you can do over the long weekend to make up for the missed sessions. Whether you do them or not is up to you, but they are short, only 10 minutes or so, and they require no equipment.

I didn’t even put my shoes on to do the videos, so neither do you. If you want to do a full session, just train for longer.

What I like doing over holidays is a physical activity that is fun and outdoors. I’m heading to the farm so walking around the paddocks, climbing trees and riding the motorbike is going to be extra calories burnt.
You can do something similar too.

Anyway, here’s the workouts in video format. There’s a description below for you too. Good luck and enjoy the Easter break!

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PS Remember you want dark chocolate over 70% cocoa!!!

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