Your 45 Point Fat Loss Checklist

I’m constantly reviewing food diaries and exercise programs to fine tune the details for best results. So today I wanted to share with you my 45 point checklist of What I’d Do If I Wanted To Lose Some Fat.

And I have been fat before. Here’s a photo of me from a couple of years ago. I maxed out at 86 kilos and 23% bodyfat. I don’t look good or happy.

I want you to go through the list and start checking the suggestions off. There’s 45 tips so you have plenty of work to do.

It may take you a long time to get through everything and maybe you don’t need to do everything on the list, but it sure will improve and speed up your results.

Here’s exactly what I would do if I had to lose some fat real fast for a wedding or some other important event.

1.       I would have a goal weight or bodyfat percentage to aim for and have it written down everywhere.

2.       I would focus completely on my goal for a month and do everything I could to make the fastest gains in that time, without doing anything that may be considered cheating or unhealthy or counterproductive to the outcome.

3.       I’d spend several hours on the weekend planning my food for the week, shopping, preparing it in advance and know exactly what I’m eating and when.

4.       I’d weigh in regularly with a bunch of other people and aim to lose half a kilo per week or see my bodyfat percentage drop or my waist measurement drop.

5.       I wouldn’t do ANY situps or crunches, because they will ruin my back and not burn fat anyway.

6.       I’d do 3 metabolic strength workouts a week on non consecutive days such as we do at my Bootcamp.

7.       I’d do 2-3 metabolic cardio/interval workouts/hill sprints a week on non consecutive days.

8.       I’d do a fast walk for 30-45 mins before breakfast, 3-4 days a week, aiming at a heart rate of 65% of your max. Your max heart rate is 220 – your age.

9.       I’d train as hard as I could EVERY time I trained.

10.   I’d rest one day doing no workouts.

11.   I’d consume no liquid calories.

12.   If I was out and felt weird drinking only water, I’d have a diet or sugar free drink, or if alcohol, have vodka with a sugar free mixer.

13.   I’d eat 6 times per day.

14.   I’d eat 2.2 grams of protein per kilo every day split up fairly evenly between my 6 meals.

15.   My carbohydrate sources would ONLY be from fruits and vegetables, sweet potatoes and potatoes, legumes, brown rice, sprouted grain bread, quinoa and oats. NO WHEAT INCLUDING BREAD!

16.   I’d stock up on frozen veggies and canned legumes.

17.   I’d eat my carbohydrates only at the times that are specified to eat them. No excuses.

18.   I’d only flavour my food from herbs and spices, without using any sauces.

19.   I’d eat the same meals over and over again, varying the meat and the spices for variety.

20.   I’d cook meals in advance and freeze them so I’d have leftovers ready to go.

21.   I’d take my lunch and any other meals to work.

22.   I’d have healthy snacks with me so that if I got stuck somewhere I couldn’t buy food I’d still have something to eat that wouldn’t jeopardize my progress.

23.   I’d make sure I was in bed with lights out and head on the pillow before 10pm and have 8 or more hours sleep per night, including weekends.

24.   I’d drink two or more litres of water each day, spread throughout the day and starting with a big glass upon rising.

25.   I’d be hungry sometimes and know that it’s good because that’s when I’m burning fat.

26.   I’d use protein shakes to supplement my protein intake because it’s convenient.

27.   I’d read the food labels on everything I ate and know exactly what I’m eating.

28.   I wouldn’t eat chocolate.

29.   I’d know roughly how many kilojoules I should be eating per day to lose weight so I understood why I couldn’t eat the chocolate or drink a wine or beer or whatever. You can find a calorie calculator here:

30.   If I couldn’t train that day for whatever reason I’d let it go and keep up my diet regardless.

31.   I’d eliminate any stress in my life that I had control over and stop rushing around as much as I do.

32.   I’d get out in the sunshine early or late in the day and soak up some vitamin D.

33.   I’d take a multivitamin and fish oil every day.

34.   I’d think only positive thoughts about reaching my goal and not ever think of failure.

35.   If I was doing all of this and it still wasn’t working, I’d go see a natural therapist for some tests to see if there was anything wrong. You may go see your doctor.

36.   If I lost the plot and had a binge I’d get over it and back on track at the next meal or next day and work twice as hard the next week.

37.   I’d put up pictures around the house of the body I want and visualize myself getting it. The mirror is always a good spot.

38.   I’d take pictures and get measurements of my starting physique and stick them up next to the other pictures.

39.   I’d make sure my portions were not too big, especially if you have a cheat meal.

40.   I’d get a massage when I started to get a bit tight, either from a professional or from a friend or family member.

41.   One day on the weekend I’d increase my carbohydrates while eating the same amount of food as usual.

42.   If I didn’t lose weight one week and felt like I should have, I’d get pissed off and do something drastic about it to step it up again and make sure the week after produces a better weigh in result.

43.   I’d stop wearing fat clothes or whatever clothes I might hide behind, and wear clothes that make me look and feel good. This action has a massive impact on your positive attitude and will influence your weight loss success. You’ll think more like a fit person.

44.   I’d completely eliminate dairy products as they’re often high in fat and sodium, plus many people don’t do well on dairy.

45.   I’d eat right 90-95% of the time and probably cheat at some stage in the month and not stress about it.

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