You Only Get Out What You Put In

‘Do or Do Not. There is No Try.’

These words from Master Yoda of the Star Wars movies always play in my head.

If I want something I must do it, not try to do it.

Millions of people around the world are ‘trying to lose weight.’

How many of these people are actually losing weight? I reckon its not too many.

The clients of mine who get the best results are not trying but doing what it takes to lose weight.

1. They come along to bootcamp…every session.

2. If they cant make it they ask what else they can do at home or if they’re away.

3. They commit to an eating plan, no matter how hard it is. They may not stick to it immediately, but get started and keep asking questions and making changes and eventually get there.

4. They make weekly weigh-ins and are accountable to me and each other if they are eating right or just trying.

5. They take the feedback and get started with it immediately.

6. They set goals and achieve them.

7. They re-adjust if something sin’t working.

They do what it takes, not try to do it.

They know they are going to succeed, or at least they are starting to believe.

Good work guys. I’m real proud of you. And keep up the good work.

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