Diets That Work and Diets That Don’t

Dieting sucks at the best of times. Worse yet is when you go on a diet and nothing happens. Such is the case for most people I come across. But not all.

You can practically sell anything these days and call it a weight loss product and make a ton of money off it, all the while knowing that most people wont actually lose weight using it.

Commitment problems are always an issue, but I find its much easier to commit to a diet and exercise program when you are actually seeing results.

I ate no junk food in January, had a cheat day on Feb 1, and then back to no junk for the rest of February because I saw results from the first month.

My friend did the same thing, but hasn’t made as good progress as I have as she didn’t follow a diet.
I did.

So what’s the key to success on any of these diet programs?

Sticking to it to the letter.

So here’s a few diets I’ve reviewed that work.

Warp Speed Fat Loss by Mike Rousell and Alwyn Cosgrove.
Body For Life by Bill Philips
The Paleo Solution By Robb Wolf
The Carb Rotation Diet by Jayson Hunter
The Slow Carb Diet by Tim Ferriss
Numerous Body Building Diets from magazines and websites

And they all work.

But I still hear reasons why you cant stick to them.

They are boring.
I don’t eat that.
I eat out a lot.
I have a party on the weekend.
I love my food.

All great reasons, but it shows what your priorities are. You choose lifestyle over health.

And that’s fine, until you get sick. I speak from experience.

Tim Ferriss sums it up quite simply. “Pick the same few meals over and over again.”

I eat the same breakfast every day.
Lunch is the same and only the meat varies.
Dinner is much like lunch.
You do miss variety, but you learn to get creative with sauces and spices.

Body Builders eat oats, sweet potato, chicken breasts, broccoli, steak, eggs, rice, nuts, spinach and don’t vary things much in the lead up to a competition because that is what works fastest. Do what they do.

If you’ve been dieting for a while with little or no success, get some blood tests done to see if theres a thyroid problem (ladies) or a testosterone problem (gents).

Stick to a diet perfectly for 30 days (preferably one of the above). See what happens.

Worst case scenario is you’ll sleep better, have more energy, and will have improved your health dramatically.

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