How To Survive The Holiday Season Without Gaining Weight

When I was at my fattest, I stood on the scales on Christmas morning with my family all around me and witnessed the highest bodyfat percentage reading I’d ever been. I was a fat bastard. I’d had a few injuries that year and started eating junk in an effort to bulk up, but the junk food just turned into a gut.

That weigh-in waas the slap in the face I needed to get my act together and I dropped around 7 kilos in the next 2 months. But I started my weight loss before the Christmas period. I had decided to can the junk food, stopped eating as much and started moving more, the exact opposite of what most people do over the holiday period.

Now I’m not sure if I should really be writing this, because the holiday season usually encourages weight gain and in turn keeps me in business, but I want to help you out.

I’d rather you start from where you are now, than YOU 5 kilos heavier, as weight loss can be hard work!

I’ll keep it real simple for you.

1. Know when you have parties planned and make sure you exercise on those days doing high intensity interval cardio or strength training, the same as we do at BOOTCAMP.

2. Don’t drink the fizzy drink! Carbonated drinks are generally full of sugar and sugar is bad for weight gain.

3. Limit your alcoholic drinks by spacing them out with water between them. I know it’s a stretch and you do want to let loose and party, but give it a try. Just use the excuse of work the next morning or getting up early for another party.

4. You will want to let loose with your family and friends so DO IT, but don’t keep doing it every day or two. You will end up consuming far too many calories and pick up a few kilos you really dont want.

5. When it comes to Christmas lunch and dinner, fill yourself up on protein (meat, fish, legumes) and vegetables. If you must sample all the desserts on spread, take as small sample of each and eat it slowly savouring every morsel.

6. Take home any leftovers that would be good for lunch the next day. You know, the leftover roast, the salad, the baked veggies. Leave the dessert.

7. People will be brining all sorts of lollies, chocolates, desserts and junk food into the office as it gets closer to Christmas, so be prepared. Take your morning tea, lunch and any other snacks you may want into work with you so you don’t NEED that sausage roll or lamington. Honestly I don’t know how I would even resist a lamington, so maybe limit it to one, then be strict on food the rest of the day.

Remember your goal is to maintain your current weight.
You’re unlikely to lose weight although it is possible.
You are far more likley to gain weight.
Make the decision early and hold yourself to it.

I like to think of the Christmas holidays as a time to recover from the year and recharge your batteries. Focus on relaxing exercise such as walking and swimming at the beach, or surfing if you’re lucky enough to find some waves.

I’ll be doing a lot of foam rolling and soft tissue work to loosen up my muscles. It hurts, but it’s a good kind of hurt.

Most of all, have fun!
I will.

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