Weight Loss By Metabolic Typing???

People often think I’m crazy because of all the exercise I do and the number of sports I’ll try to fit into one day. I’m starting to think that they may have been right. Earlier this year I started getting really tired all the time. I was lethargic, I couldn’t concentrate at work, wasn’t recovering from my workouts and didn’t have the normal energy levels that I’m used to. I was also collecting injuries. Stupidly, I kept training just as hard as I normally would instead of listening to my body and resting. This led to Adrenal Fatigue and eventually Chronic Fatigue, both of which aren’t fun at all.

But it led to my discovery of a process called Metabolic Typing while I was travelling in the USA. So I bought a book and started researching the idea and it was pretty interesting. It’s based on designing your diet on your body’s unique chemical make-up and aims to heal your body from a cellular level. It sounded good and made sense so I thought I’d give it a try when I got home and had my own fridge and cupboards to stock. I started eating according to the rules it spelled out in the book immediately. After 2 weeks I started feeling better and had more energy already. Now I was really curious.

So I went and did an online test to get more information and got a different result than the first time (which is not uncommon) and also received a list of foods that I should eat and shouldn’t eat. This was key because I was eating a lot of foods on the AVOID list. Even though they were healthy foods, they didn’t agree with my metabolic type. Once again I made the appropriate changes. Another 2 months down the road and my energy is much higher, I’m able to play some sports again (I surfed twice last week and played basketball) and I’m getting leaner too (and believe me I’m not training anywhere near as hard as I normally would).

Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness explains Metabolic Typing better than I do, so check out his video above and learn a little. It’s only about 6 and a half minutes but well worth watching. Or if you want more info, you can buy ‘The Metabolic Typing Diet’ book.

Just this week I found a FREE Metabolic Typing test online that you can do in your own time. You can do it here: http://www.naturalhealthyellowpages.com/metabolic/self_test.html. It provides you with a brief guide of what foods you should eat for your type. But it doesn’t give you the list of foods you should avoid though. You can get that list and more detailed information by paying  $39.95 for a more detailed test from https://www.metabolictypingonline.com/default.aspx.

When I have been stuck on diet questions in the past, I’m now able to make sense of them and get the results I want. If you’re stuck with your weight problems, you should definitely try it.

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