Jet Lag, Excuses and 3 Simple Steps to Weight Loss

Waking up at 2:30 am isn’t really that bad when you’re jet-lagged.
Well aside from thinking, what would I have been doing at this time when I was in?…
But you do know you will be getting over it and sleeping properly soon. It actually helps to get me out of bed early for BOOTCAMP. And besides, jet lag often comes at the expense of a holiday so I can’t really complain.

It is great to be back in Perth though.
I had a great time in Louisville, Indianapolis, Chicago, Ann Arbor and Toronto and was really good to meet up with my friends again as well as making a bunch of new ones. And the fitness seminars I went to… unbelievable.
If you’re a client of mine then you are in for a bunch of new exercises and some new toys to play with.
It’s also reassuring to hear from the speakers that I’m doing the right things with my training AND that everyone has the same problems trying to get their clients to eat right for fastest results.The thing is most of us don’t want to sacrifice our fun social lives for eating perfectly and not missing a workout. We’re just not wired that way. And besides, it isn’t much fun. Most people simply settle for a gradual weight loss over 6-12 months, which is fine.

My buddy Jay decided his health wasn’t great and his habits were way off so he exercised 5 days a week and stopped drinking alcohol for a whole year, and he was known for being the guy who always got drunk. He dropped close to 20 kilo’s that year and his health improved dramatically. He also found out he could go out without drinking and still have a good time.

Some people just decide it’s all too hard and they just remain the same weight or try the latest diet to come out in the hope that it’s a miracle cure to their problems. Or maybe they don’t change their food and just train for hours only to get little results.

And then there’s some people who just decide that they want the results more than anything and they just go for it full on for a month or more. They are the ones whose stories inspire us to do something about our health, fitness or weight.

So here’s 3 Simple Steps to Weight Loss

  1. Commit to giving 100% to your weight loss program for one month. It will be a hard month because you will be preparing food in advance, eating healthy a whole lot more than usual, saying no to eating out and eating at home more, getting plenty of sleep and not drinking much if any alcohol at all. Take it one day at a time and if you cheat, get back to your good habits again right away. A calendar on your fridge also works great because you have a visual reminder of what you are doing and how much you have already done. Maybe you should try August. Click on the blue text for your August Training Calendar.
  2. Follow a meal plan from a reputable source. You can find them in one of my BOOTCAMP meal plans or in Men’s Health or Women’s Health magazine. The guys that write these meal plans know they work and have used them on hundreds of their training clients. I know because I have used them myself and I’ve met a bunch of the authors. And they are the guys who are training the other personal trainers. But if you don’t follow their advice to the letter, you won’t get the fast results they promise. But if you do, you will be blown away by the results. Unfortunately, many of us don’t believe in ourselves, the fitness programs or the meal plans and sabotage our progress. And yes, a restricted calorie diet will leave you hungry sometimes. You will probably have carbohydrate withdrawals for a few days but you will get used to it. Remember, it’s only a month.
  3. Make sure your training program is based on metabolic resistance training, which aims to elevate your metabolism for 24-48 hours. This includes predominantly strength training sessions in intervals with little to no rest between exercises. It’s what we do at BOOTCAMP and it’s how I’ve been training for years. If training from home, include exercises like push-ups, squats, chin-ups, planks and lunges done in good form and you’re set.

If you’re not coming to BOOTCAMP and you want to see what it’s like, check out the website at and sign up for a FREE Trial for 2 weeks. If you are coming along, I’ll see you soon.

Move it or lose it!
Travis Sawyer

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