You Are Killing Yourself And Your Kids With Food

In February this year, Jamie Oliver accepted an award at the TED Awards In Long beach California. The TED Awards are based on ‘wishes big enough to change the world.’

You may have seen Jamie Oliver going through schools cafeterias to change the crap food they were serving their kids. He keeps pushing the issue and he is spot on. If you feed your kids and yourself crap food, you and they will die early. Sometimes way too early.

The video highlights Americans and thier food at the moment, but we are not far behind them.

This crap food that is being fed to us in our fast paced society is killing us and we need to sort it out now.

You say you’re too busy and dont have time to plan and shop for healthy stuff. Or you find that healthy food is way too expensive. Try doctors bills and medicine. Surgery and hospital time is way more expensive.

I saw a facebook group recently named ‘Childhood Obesity is Child Abuse.’ I agree.

You think I’m having a rant? You think I’m passionate about this. Listen to what Jamie has to say.

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